Visit a Loved One This Weekend to Celebrate 2017 National Nursing Home Week

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Long-term care facilities throughout Arkansas and across the country are celebrating National Nursing Home Week. This year’s theme, “The Spirit of America,” recognizes both the legacies of the Greatest Generation who populate our nursing homes, as well as the spirit and dedication of those who care for them.

In honor of the week, the Arkansas Health Care Association encourages you to visit a relative in a long-term care facility who you may not have seen for awhile. And maybe take a moment to meet some of their neighbors, too. Each resident has a unique and compelling life story.

We celebrated one such story recently when Carolyn Crawford won the 2017 State Queen Pageant. A resident of River Ridge Rehabilitation and Care Center in Wynne, Carolyn was a basketball player and water-skier who once worked with farmers processing cotton in the Arkansas Delta. At age 77, her favorite food remains a good ‘ol American cheeseburger. Hail to Queen Carolyn.

Established in 1951, the Arkansas Health Care Association (AHCA) is the state’s largest organization of long term care providers, representing 93% of the licensed long term care facilities in Arkansas. AHCA provides training, education and assistance to long term care facilities across the state, promoting high-quality care for patients and strict professional standards for staff.