Education & Events

2024 Events

For information and dates pertaining to AHCA's MA-C Training Program, click HERE.



  July 18 – Webinar: Cyber Security: Maintaining Resilience: Register Here

       Hosted by Assured Partners

  July 25 – Social and Activity Fair: Register Here

  July 30- August 1 - Assisted Living Administrator Certification (ALAC): Register Here


  August 12-14 – AAPACN RAC-CT Certification In-Person Workshop: Register Here

  August 15 – Webinar: Elopement Management in Senior Living: Register Here

       Hosted by Assured Partners

  August 22 - District 5 Senior Olympics: Information Coming Soon



  September 19 – Webinar: Dementia Care: Nutrition, Weight Management and Wound Committees: Register Here

       Hosted by Assured Partners

  September 24-25 – Fall Conference & Annual Business Meeting – Little Rock, AR: Information Coming Soon



  October 17 – Webinar: Disasters Come in All Shapes and Sizes...Is Your Facility Prepared?: Register Here

       Hosted by Assured Partners



  November 21 – Webinar: Don't Get Tripped Up with Falls: Register Here

       Hosted by Assured Partners



  December 19 – Webinar: Take the Pressure Off: Managing Pressure Injuries in Senior Living: Register Here

       Hosted by Assured Partners


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